Resplendence is a viewer for NASA's Astronomy Photo of the Day and Image of the Day. The app displays the image and provides a brief description with proper credits if applicable. Resplendence notifies when new images are available and provides an option to automatically download them. Images can also be set as the device wallpaper from the app.
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Hangman is my implementation of the classic Hangman game. Hangman features an extensive English dictionary and a profanity filter for kids. Customizable difficulty settings and a leaderboard add to the fun.
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Named after the greek goddess of memory (Mnemosyne), Mnemonical allows users to set reminders and get notifications. This was my attempt to get all my reminders in one place and reduce clutter.
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Geetobitan features an encyclopedic collection of Tagore's poems and songs combined with lyrics, information on the prevalent socio-cultural enviroment and links to YouTube for those songs by contemporary artists.


Encore is an educational app designed to show events from history, birthdays, deaths and holidays.
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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day is my first Android app that shows pearls of wisdom from famous personalities.
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